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Preview of the Slot Game “Gods of Asgard Megaways”

Iron Dog Studio, at least at the time of this writing, appeared to be barreling down not one but two tracks: producing ‘bespoke’ Branded Megaways slots and mining their historical library for redo possibilities. The latter is what we’re experiencing right now as we review Gods of Asgard Megaways, a slot machine based on the Norse pantheon that’s a reimagining of an older Iron Dog game called Rock the Reels Megaways.

Shake your reels Slot machine Megaways featured an arena full of animals playing in a band. Some argue that listening to music might have a mystical effect, but in Gods of Asgard Megaways we are actually socializing with gods in the sky. Free spins take place against a starry sky and Yggdrasil, the tree of life, and the visuals are good with a hefty 6+1-reel Megaways grid hovering on a cloud. The curved objects on each side of the screen have an ethereal quality, yet it is unclear what they are supposed to represent. If crossing the Bifrost and raising a stein or two with Aegir, God of Brewing, is on your fantasy bucket list, then this scene should be more appealing than the rock game.

While we are in the company of the Norse deities, we may as well see what kind of statistics Gods of Asgard Megaways generates. First, the return to player value is impressive, coming in at 96.7%, but volatility is rated as high. The betting range is rather small, starting from 10 p/c each spin up to £/€10. Perhaps the comparatively low maximum bet is justified by the huge (or at least advertised) potential of the maximum xbet multiplier.

In Gods of Asgard Megaways, the main reels may store anywhere from two to seven symbols, while the top-most horizontal tracking reel can hold an additional four. Each spin produces an unpredictable number of possible combinations of symbols, from 324 to 200,704. When the Reaction Feature is activated by a win, winning symbols are removed from the reels and replaced by new symbols from the left, with the potential for the feature to be activated again if a fresh win forms.

Tens and Aces, rendered in a rock/Norse typeface, pay the highest for a six-of-a-kind ways win, at 0.6x to 1x the bet. If you have a winning combination of 6 horns, mugs, necklaces, hammers, or rings, your payout will be 2–15 times your wager. The Wolf is a wild symbol that may occur on reels 2, 3, or 4, while the Raven is a wild multiplier that can show on reels 2 and 3. Each wild can stand in for any of the regular winning icons.

Megaways Slots Featuring the Gods of Asgard

No Norse-themed slot would be complete without an appearance by the gods. In this case, players receive four of them, each with a unique modifiable effect. In both the regular game and the bonus round, the God symbols appear on the top reel. They can either operate as follows when they land on the first spin, or as a cascade:

Freya – makes the Wolf symbol appear on reels 2, 3, or 4 when she activates this feature.

Loki – replaces two or four symbols on reels one through four with one symbol from reel one.

When activated, Thor can upgrade three or four standard symbols on reels one through three.

Odin — makes the two Raven icons on reels 2 and 3 multiplier wilds.

Multiple modifiers can be engaged during a single spin, and God symbols are removed from the reels after their effect has taken effect.

No Risk Turns

Free games of 8, 10, 15, or 20 are triggered when 3–6 scatters appear during the main game. If the free spins feature is already active, getting another 3–6 scatters rewards an additional 4–12 spins. The bonus round in Gods of Asgard Megaways has a progressive win multiplier that begins at x1. After each chain reaction, the multiplier goes increased by 1, and there is no cap on how high it may go. When the Odin feature activates, multiplier wilds begin at x2 and grow by +1 for each subsequent trigger.

Freebie Get

By clicking the “Bonus Buy” button, players can purchase either 6 or 8 free spins in “Normal,” “High,” or “Super” quality. The returns can be anywhere between 96.3% and 96.5%, with the fees ranging from 120x to 575x the wager. The number of times a modifier sign appears on the first reel varies across the various iterations.

Slot Review: Gods of Asgard Megaways

Gods of Asgard Megaways, like its predecessor, combines a variety of modifiers with a standard Megaways progressive win in free spins bonus round to entertaining effect. Animals portraying famous musicians was cute but maybe too specific. The engine and features might potentially reach a wider audience in a Norse-themed game. After all, the proliferation of Norse-themed slot machines isn’t coincidental, and we should expect many more in the future. The topic itself is irresistible to creators and consumers alike. Getting drunk on mead, acting heroically, doing magic, saving the world, and generally coming off as a hunky defender of the cosmos. And what could possibly be wrong with that?

Iron Dog, on the other hand, seems to lack the will to innovate, as seen by the studio’s output of largely reskins and games that represent incremental improvements rather than revolutionary ones. It’s ironic, given the nature of the business they’re involved in, that the studio doesn’t come off as courageous or risk-taking. In fairness, Iron Dog has done a nice job with the concept, thus Gods of Asgard Megaways may appear better to certain people than its predecessor. It’s not as shocking as when cats do the power fist on stage, but it’s not as innovative, either. Even more so in free spins, where Odin’s wilds have a progressive component, and not to mention the global win multiplier, the modifiers are just as effective as ever. The maximum payout that may be achieved is 50,000 times the initial wager. There isn’t much evidence on social media, but it’s debatable whether or not these Iron Dog games are indeed capable of dealing out wins of this size. It’s unclear whether or not Rock the Reels Megaways has come this close in practice, but it’s certainly a substantial sum.

It’s hard to get too enthused about yet another reskin, but Gods of Asgard Megaways is a good illustration of how smoothly gameplay principles and features can be ported from an earlier game into a newer one.






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